Through my art projects I explore different aspects of formalism, deepening on the concept and aesthetics as essential values. In my latest work I´m especially interested in the relationship between man and unspoiled nature and the role it plays in the conception of ideas such as religiosity or knowledge. The main focus of my research revolves around  the concept of the Sublime, the restrained fear facing the beauty of steep landscapes and the majesty linked to divinity.


I take my pictures after long expeditions into wilderness and spend several days until I find the right moment for taking the photo. I consider the technical factor an important element in my compositions, so I work with large format cameras or elaborate photo manipulation processes that allow me to build artificial landscapes, based on fragments, cuts, repetitions and overlaps. My aim is to approach various manifestations of natural landscape in an empiricist way, linking them to my own sensory perception and from a neutral view, free from value judgements.


I face my job as a solo journey into vastness with constant references to classical painting, literature, philosophy and aesthetics. My ultimate intention is to put the viewer in front of a sublime and moving show that  makes him wonder about consciousness, the universe, beliefs and our own origin.